Don’t stuff up your staff

No matter which area of the world you are in no one wants to be waiting in long lines, the holiday season means it’s either too hot or too cold for shoppers to be slowed down due to staffing issues. Be sure to have holiday staff trained and on board well before it’s too late. Students are a great option as they are often looking for seasonal work, and won’t be expecting long term commitment.

Slow things down

The music in your store will significantly contribute to the overall ambiance. Loud, fast and energetic music is likely to make customers move faster. Whereas light, slow and calming music encourage shoppers to slow down, take their time and feel comfortable while browsing. This doesn’t mean playing Christmas carols on repeat. There are a huge variety of playlist options on streaming services like Spotify.

Make shopping a sensory experience

Studies have shown that certain scents can increase a shoppers spending by 20%. Citrus based scents such as lemon or orange are the most efficient when it comes to aiding a shopper to feel alert, fresh and most importantly focused. Lighting a candle or using a diffuser is an efficient way of creating an aromatic atmosphere in your shop.

For some, the holiday shopping season can be a make-or-break proposition – a strong performance during the sales season could set your business up for a good year ahead, or a weak season could do the opposite. As the holidays approach, make sure you’re ready by getting your store in order for the shoppers to come!


Photo: Collective Hub.

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